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Our hybrid solution

An innovative off-road heavy truck electrification system

The electric truck hybrid solution for heavy trucks

The Electric Truck hybrid solution is a new electrification product for heavy trucks more specifically off-road (class 8). Our product can be installed on new or used diesel trucks.

With the help of various partners, I developed an innovative solution to transform heavy off-road diesel trucks into hybrid trucks. This is an electrification system that can be installed on new or used diesel trucks and which allows them to switch to hybrid mode as they wish and to disengage in the event of a breakdown.

Our solution is based on the electric motor technology of the firm Dana / TM4 which makes it possible to brake the truck while accumulating energy and then redistributing it during acceleration. The system can be turned on or off as you see fit. The DANA / TM4 engine has been proven in Canada and internationally in various applications.

For the batteries and the management system, we work with LTS Marine. Two active thermal management lithium ion batteries of 21 KW each store energy during descents or during stops.

The product still in development gave conclusive results during the tests carried out. It is currently patent pending. Product sales and after-sales service will be done in certified garages in Canada.

The benefits of turning your heavy off-road diesel trucks into hybrid trucks

Money saving

Soon owners of heavy off-road trucks will have the opportunity to do otherwise by saving fuel and vehicle maintenance. By installing our system on your trucks, you will reduce your gasoline consumption by approximately 15%, which represents savings of up to $ 65,000 per year in the mining sector. The return on investment will therefore be around 2 years. personalized and help you choose the parts that best suit your needs and budget.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

The Electric Truck electrification system will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Optimization of trucks and their use

The installation of the Electroctruck electrification system will allow you to obtain an additional range of more than 400 km with your heavy off-road trucks. It will also provide additional power for climbs, increased reliability of the vehicle, no replacement of axles and an extension of the lifespan of 2 years.

Find out more about our hybrid solution for heavy off-road trucks by contacting us now!

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A context conducive to innovation in the trucking sector

The electrification of transportation is a major issue in the sector, not only in Quebec but throughout the world.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Indeed, off-road transport has always represented a major expense item for forestry and mining transport companies, as well as an undeniable source of pollution. It still is.

However, there are currently no hybrid solutions for heavy off-road trucks. Being a truck driver myself, I therefore decided a few years ago to look for a solution to this.



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